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Project Description
As a rule, physical structure of database tables is controlled by DBA only. But what if user needs to create simple list of values (LOV) or logical tables without changing physical tables' structure?

The project allows generating many editable views based on 4 physical tables only.
It allows keeping all business entities as logical views with select/insert/update/delete functionality. Only 4 highly normalised tables (2 metadata and for 2 data) can significantly simplify entity design without perfotmance issues. User can change entities metadata (add new entities, rename, move fields between entities) without physical structure changes and data loss. It allows concentrating on business logic and delegating functional design to business analyst.

It takes only 10 minutes to load all data from AdventureWorks2012 database into virtual database.

In addition, VirtualDB Manager application was created to handle with metadata.

Please find all details in documentation.

Video Part 1. General info

Video Part 2. Loading external data

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